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What it is like to live in Camphill? 

Personal Experiences of a "Lifesharer"

Holly Pallister

I like living in Camphill. I like going swimming every Wednesday and Friday, it is very nice. I like going out to restaurants and to the pub with co-workers on a Friday night. We have parties in the hall I like these parties because I like to meet everyone and to dance. I work in the coffee shop in the mornings and in the Weave shop in the afternoons. The coffee shop can be very busy. I do the washing up. I have great fun with Jo in the coffee shop.

We go on holidays each summer I like sun holidays mostly.


Christine Malone

We have a nice home in Camphill. I live in my own cabin. I have lived in my cabin 8 years. I love to go walking every day with a co-worker, for company. I like that we live in Kilcullen village because I can go to the local shops and restaurants alone with co-workers, family or friends. I love nature and like to go walking in our Nature Trail. I like sitting on the bench looking at the water while talking to a co-worker or friend.

I also work in Camphill in the workshops. I worked in the café for 13 years.  Then I took a break, but have recently started to work there again. I love to work with Jo because she is great fun. If I get bored of any workshops I go to Miriam and she will help me to change workshops.

I like to organise parties in our hall. Birthday parties and co-worker leaving parties. I love to do painting and to watch movies as well. The co-workers come to my cabin to help me to paint.

Sometimes I miss co-workers when they leave, but I stay in touch with the co-workers by phone or skype which is really nice.

I have a bunny rabbit called Coco. He lives beside my cabin in his hutch. I have to look after him, by cleaning out his hutch once a week and feeding him.

I love to spend quality time with co-workers. I love swimming so I go to the local hotel with groups from Camphill.  I like to go shopping also. I normally go to Newbridge for shopping.


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