Your time might be the most valuable thing you can give to us ...

 Consider becoming a "Local Volunteer"

The Bridge Community has always been blessed by the huge pledge of local support which has materialised in amongst other ways, particularly by so many people offering to help out and volunteer in our community. 

Whether this might be 

  • Helping as a volunteer with our Adult Eductaion Programme for 3 hours on a Monday morning 
  • Playing golf once or twice a week with one of our residents who by the way has a pretty good handicap
  • Help cover for a couple of hours in our coffeeshop, at busy times to wash up or clear tables
  • Accompany a resident to the local library and have a cup of tea afterwards
  • Help out digging the graden or weeding once or twice a week whenever possible

There are many ways in which you might be able to help! Please consider whether you can give some of the most precious thing you have  - Your Time!

Get in touch with us about volunteering - it is very worthwhile and we hear again and again that volunteers feel they got more out of it then what they had to give...

Contact The Bridge

Address  Main Street
Co. Kildare
Phone   +353 (0) 45 481597


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