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Home-life in The Bridge Community

Having a cup of tea in your own homeHouse communities form the heart and life of our community - this is where people create a home and can be with friends.

We currently have 3 house communities in the town of Kilcullen, 2 of which are located on our main site right in the centre, one in a nearby housing estate.



The Whole House Crew in Isserin HouseIsserin was the first house that was owned by the community! It was built in 1997 and is the biggest house in our community. Alltogether there are 16 people living there at the moment and the large dining room table is famous for stretching to encompass many visitors over the years. Many a party has been held in this house whose open plan sitting and dining room were also until recently the only spaces big enough to encompass our whole community.


Relaxing together at the end of the dayThe little house in the woods is in fact a prefab building that is nicely cladded with timber on theoutside and looks like a log cabin surrounded by trees. It was built in 2003 largely with our ownlabour.

The large deck at the entrance has seen many a barbequein summer and the open plan kitchen / dining / sittingroomhas a warm and cosy feeling. At the moment Brigheen is ahome to 8 people. Some years ago Kalle, a coworker from Finland built a little mudhouse for his son Aarnie just in front of Brigheen , which has the charm of a little hobbithut and puts a smile on visitors faces. 

Cruinn Roth

Cruinn Roth is a new wheelchair adapted house with 5 people living together, 2 of whom are in need of support. Its spacious open plan sitting room, dining room and kitchen are a beautiful space that is very inviting. Accommodating a wheelchair user is easier if accomodation is designed from the outset in such a way. 





Annamae's is our only house in a housing estate in the town called Riverside, and is just beside the river Liffey. This house was also built in 2003 at the peak mof the Celtic Tiger economic boom.

The house despite being a normal house built as part of the estate has a very spacious feeling and generous common areas. It is just a 5 minutes walk from The Bridge Communities grounds and houses 8 people at present. It is a part of the town and a natural extension to the wider community.


A House Community in a local estate where a more independant resident is life-sharing with a coworker family

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