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Gap Year 

Many people are considering taking a GAP year before or between studies, and the various vacancies for volunteer roles in Camphill offer unique possibilities for such an experience. The feedback from people that have taken a GAP year in Camphill is generally positive and sometimes life-changing, even if it can be intensive and tiring at times. Many students who are considering a career in this field are finding the experience extremely usefull in order to assess their own strenghts and weeknesses in this area and develop their skills and proffessional knowledge.


FSJ Vacancies - Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr im Ausland

In some countries there are recognised governement sponsered programes such as FSJ or a "Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr" in Germany. In order to acces these programmes individuals will need to find a sponsoring partnership organisation, such as "Freunde der Erziehungskunst" in order to register. We will collaborate with such organisations,who also provide training, seminars and evaluations. If you wish to pursue this route and people in our communities will give you advise around different options or organisations available.Some such organisations will charge a fee for these services. Please note that you can also apply without such organisatiuons should you wish, however in the case of students who are dependants and whose families are claiming child benefit, it may not be possible to do so without a partnership organisation.


3 Volunteer Care Assistants From 01 Sep 2020

Camphill Dingle is looking for enthusiastic, motivated and responsible volunteers with an interest in Socialcare work and Social Pedagogic activities, also experience in Crafts, Music, organic farm and garden work and outdoor activities will add a great benefit to our Residential and Day Service.


Accommodation is sharing a small house with other volunteers and you will be volunteering 40 hours/week not more than 12 hours a day at different times during the days and evenings in Camphill Dingle Residential and Day Service.



Good spoken and written English Good communication skills Ability to work in a team

Period: Minimum 6 months Minimum Age 18
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For more info contact: Uta Jensen +353 66 915 2512

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