Residential Service

One of Greenacres houses is home to some residents and a group of volunteer co-workers who have chosen to share their life together. This life sharing lifestyle is carried out in a safe and stimulating environment where each member of the household is encouraged to take responsibility for the upkeep and development of the infrastructure of the household according to their ability. This promotes interdependence in that the volunteer co-workers who have chosen to live in the community are not only providing a service but see life sharing as a social model that offers mutual learning and support for all members. As well as live-in volunteer co-workers we also have some employees who bring their skills and enthusiasm to the community.

In Greenacres we aim to ensure the inclusion of individuals into all aspects of life both within the community as well as the wider community, and we support each resident to create their own unique social and cultural life. We are located in a suburb in South Dublin, and this offers plenty of opportunities to avail of the rich social and cultural life of the city as well as of the facilities that are offered locally. We enjoy shows, trips to the cinema, visits to the local library, and walks in the mountains or by the sea. And the local pub with its live music is just around the corner.

All members of the community are encouraged to take an active part in creating the social and cultural life of Greenacres and in developing the community. We have weekly community meetings where everyone is invited to share and where a lot of the daily business of the community is discussed. In a community there are always plenty of opportunities for celebrations, whether this is a festival or a birthday celebration. 

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