Independent Living Support

Camphill Community Greenacres has started out on a new exciting project with some individuals who have been resident in Greenacres for a long time transitioning into an supported housing and independent living environment. Greenacres aims to facilitate the choice of lifestyle by offering independent living support within their own home to meet the individual need. One of our houses has just been renovated to provide accommodationn for four tenants. Another house will be able to accommodate two more individuals who wish to live there and access support from Greenacres.

Independent living means taking on responsibility and being in charge of ones own life. It is to access ordinairy places, to be part of the local community, to have healthy social relationships and to make a meaningful contribution to the community, to exercise ones citizenship and to live life according to ones preference. Being independent does not necessarily mean being alone or living alone, but rather to be able to access opportunities like any other citizen, and to be empowered to make self-determined decisions about how one wants to live ones life.

Each person will need some help at some point in their life. In Greenacres we work with the individual so that they can achieve their goals and ambitions whilst promoting welfare, safety and independence. Greenacres' Independent Living Support aims to deliver high quality and person-centred support. This might be support such as maintaining their tenancy, budgeting, practical life skills such as cooking or laundry or supporting Health and Wellbeing, being mindful that the individual will achieve maximum independence and live their life to the fullest..

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