Day Service

Greenacres promotes lifelong learning. The activities in our craft studios support the abilities of each of the participants and promote confidence building and self reliance through self directed learning. Being creative with clay or with fabric and wool or other craft material is a therapeutic activity which supports skills such as problem solving, managing resistance and building resilience. It also gives opportunities to celebrate success and personal achievement.

Another important aspect of doing craft activities is that of being engaged in a meaningful acitivity with the end result being a product which is not only beautiful but will be of use to someone. The craft participants take great pride when some of their craft products are sought at markets or in some craft shops.

Other activities in the day centre include music classes, gardening and some cookery classes. We also visit exhibitions and some participants have joined the local library. The day centre is usually a hub of activity where there is serious learning as well as plenty of laughter and fun.

The day centre is open to day attendants who live locally and who wish to come and engage in some of the activities that are offered. We also welcome volunteers who wish to offer some of their time, enthusiasm and skills to the craft participants in the day centre.


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