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About Grangebeg Community

Do you like the idea of spending time in the Irish countryside, seeing the sun set behind green fields? Does the idea of real social interaction in a closeknit community appeal to you? Could you spend part of your life helping people with special needs to live a full and productive life? Perhaps Camphill Grangebeg is the answer for you.

Camphill Community Grangebeg is located in County Kildare on the border with County Wicklow. It is walking distance from Dunlavin, the nearest village and 15 minutes from Kilcullen, which lies on the bus route between Dublin and Waterford. We are approximately 20 minutes from Naas, and 50 minutes from Dublin.

We are a small farm based community responsible for the care and management of our 46 acres of land, on which we run a small herd of cattle, sheep and a few hundrend chickens. We are organically certified and our vegetable garden provides enough food to sustain us through most of the year with a surplus to sell to local communities and fellow organic growers.

Currently we have around 20 people living in the community in 3 houses, 11 of whom have special needs. We also have several employees coming in to the community during the week days, and a strong connection to the Bridge Camphill and Dunshane Camphill, often sharing the celebration of festivals with them and interacting with them through the adult education scheme (which operates for about 6 months of the year) on a weekly basis.

We are working on further integration with the local Dunlavin community and we host several local groups in Colmcille Hall.

Apart from the farm and garden we also have work opportunities in our bakery/foodprocessing workshop, our craft workshop and the house workshop where the meals are prepared each day.

Grangebeg is still a very young community and we are very open to accepting people who want to come and share their talents and qualifications with the group by initiating new workshops or taking on existing areas of responsibility.

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