Living in Grangebeg

There are currently eight people living in Grangebeg who need support from live-in volunteers. In Ard Glas house we have two males and two females and in Ard Keen house there is three males and one female. Ideally Grangebeg needs three or four volunteers in each house to help create a healthy balance between the working life and the social life.

Everyone is involved

We try to share the running of the houses between everyone. This means everyone is involved in the cleaning, meal preparation, laundry and other household chores. Everyone in the community has a bedroom for themself and this space also needs to be kept clean.We all participate in the various workshops, the running of the garden and farm, food preperation or craft making. These take place Monday through Friday which are normal working days.

Community Hall 

We also have a Community Hall in Grangebeg called Colmcille which can seat up to eighty people. This is used for community gatherings, plays and festivals. We also invite local groups to use it for meeting space. This building hosts our workshop spaces; the bakery and food processing center and our crafts workshop. An office space and a shared recreation area including some exercise equipment and a pool table is also in the community hall.


Grangebeg community will provide trust money for volunteers to cover their needs and misc. expenses. Volunteers are expected to bring enough clothes with them to last for the first year of their time in the community at least. Bedding and personal hygiene products will be provided by the community.

Everyone will receive one day off a week and an additional week of holiday time for every three months in the community. We ask people to be prepared to be flexible about when they take their holidays so the community needs can be covered. Additional funds may be available to cover some holiday expenses.

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