Set among the green rolling hills of county Monaghan

About Camphill Ballybay

Set among the green rolling hills of county Monaghan, Camphill Community Ballybay is a life-sharing community for adults with special needs. The Community is home for around 30 people who live together in 3 house communities.

Caring for the land in a sustainable way is another important aspect of life in Camphill Ballybay. The community has 25 acres on site and rents a further 60 acres from the Ballybay Wetlands centre with whom there is a growing partnership.

Arts and crafts play an important part of the life here with colourful and creative weaving and candle workshops and an art therapy studio.



The people of the Ballybay Community

There is a lively cultural and social life within the community. Different activities take place in the evenings and at the weekends including folk dancing, music workshops, study groups and much more. Birthdays and seasonal festivals are celebrated around the year, in Ballybay one is never far from the next celebration. So too in the wider community where there is a strong local connection to the town of Ballybay and further afield with Camphill Ballybay being very much welcomed at the local events.

The home is very much the heart of the Community and for all those who live there life sharing is all about creating a home together.

How You Can Help Camphill

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