Supported Living

Supported Living

A small number of people, each living in their own home, are supported by Camphill in Thomastown to develop and maintain independence. Some people choose to live in shared accommodation with friends while others prefer to live alone.  Each person is supported individually to work towards achieving their own goals for their lives.

Each person is part of the local community, each making a contribution to society. Just like everyone else, they have their own circles of support – friends, family, neighbours, etc. Camphill provides extra support when needed, whether that is social and emotional support, practical help or support with decision-making.

Autonomy and self-direction are nurtured, and the type and level of support varies and changes, depending on the needs and wishes of each individual and how they choose to live their lives.

We aim to:

  • Ensure each person is valued and encouraged to live fulfilled lives as community members and has opportunities to actively participate in and shape their own social and cultural life and that of the local community
  • Ensure that mutual relationships of care and respect are fostered
  • Support people to benefit from their citizens’ rights and make a contribution to society
  • Provide practical support to assist people to look after their home, finances, health and wellbeing, and other aspects of their lives
  • Support people to access training and work

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