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Personal Experiences of Volunteer Coworkers....

Martin Oemus from Germany....

I'm from Germany and I joined the Bridge Community for one year shortly after I finished school. This year was one of the most inspiring experiences I have ever had and I really encourage anybody who wants to do something meaningful to come and live here for a while (or longer).To be honest: working in Camphill can sometimes be really exhausting. But it definitely is rewarding and I could not think of anything that broadens your whole horizon as much as working and living with people with special needs does.

I personally did really enjoy my time being here. Of course I struggled sometimes but you have that with everything you do. The nice thing in Camphill is: there will always be somebody that helps you out. Furthermore you will of course meet a lot of different people from around the world, you are going to improve your ability of speaking English and last but not least Ireland is just such a beautiful place to be. No need to say there is always enough to do and usually so many things are going on that you will never get bored ;)

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