Land Work

Being a rural community with 26 acres of land, caring for our organic farm and garden is a major activity for many of the people living and working in Kyle.

We have a very productive market garden run by Arthur, with two large poly tunnels and a large greenhouse (these being good spaces to retreat to for work on wet and miserable days!). A rich variety of vegetables and soft fruits are grown there that keep us fed for much of the year.


On the farm, we have a small number of beef cattle who lead happy lives whilst here. We also have sheep and, during the Spring/Summer, they give birth to lambs that cavort about the fields. Hay is produced in the Summer for Winter feeding of the animals. Our farm is run by Pat.






Many of our people with special needs, supported by their support workers and volunteers spend some time every week working on the land. In doing so, everyone can get a sense of the cycle of the year: preparing the ground in spring, then sowing and planting out seedlings. After that follows lots of weeding before we can begin to harvest the various crops in early summer and through the autumn and winter.

And we must not forget the beautiful flower gardens throughout the community! Again carefully attended by residents, support workers and volunteers. Flower arranging is a joyful pastime and our houses are always filled with colourful vses of flowers and foliage.

Our fruit trees offer us many varieties of fruit and they are used for baking and delicious desserts!

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