Kyle Store

At Camphill Kyle, we have an organic wholefood store, which serves the needs of this community, our neighbours and lots of like minded customers from far and near.

For sale also are environmentally friendly cleaning products of the Ecover & Ecoleaf range.

We also sell Fair-Trade products, such as teas and coffee, thereby promoting better support for small farmers in poorer countries.

The store is the show case of our various workshops such as weavery and basketry We sell directly throughout the year as well at the various craft fairs held annually.

Seasonal produce, such as jams and chutneys which are made by the residents with the support of volunteers and support workers from the bountiful fruit and vegetables in Kyle make a welcome appearance on the Store shelves in the Autumn.

David and Marian, residents, work alongside Bridget, who manages the store and the orders, to ensure every house here in Kyle is catered for on a daily basis.

Opening hours: Mon to Thursday afternoons until 5 pm (currently the Store is closed during the pandemic)

Do drop into us when we reopen! Parking free.

I have been in Camphill Kyle for a long time
Since many years
Since 1992
And I work in the shop
Bridget, David and myself
It is a very nice shop indeed
We do a lot of work here sometimes
But you do get enough customers
But it is a lot good here in the shop
I like it very much indeed
We sell a lot of stuff I think
It is great fun working in the store
With Bridget and David.

Marian Drew

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