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Recreaction Room Project 2019

Dunshane is based in rural Kildare and is a mix of new and old buildings. One of the most important buildings is our recreation room. Due to our location, walking to the nearest town for entertainment or to socialise, is very difficult! We have a wonderful room that is currently designated as our recreation room, but it is cold and uninviting. We would love to make the space more appealing through insulation (good for the environment too!) and make better use of the facility through enhancing the space with soft furnishings, decoration, TV and relaxation area.

The benefit to the Community and all who live there, would be enormous. It would act as a hub for all of the people in the Community and would provide a warm and inviting area to socialise, relax, and unwind after the rigours of the day. The space will be used by all who live in Dunshane and will be a meeting point for Coworkers and residents throughout the day and evenings, especially during these dark winter nights!


Joe Lynch, the COO of Camphill, has walked the Camino this year to raise funds for this project. Joe successfully completed the walk this year from Sarria to Santiago De Compostela and raised €2,000 for the refurbishment. The Community is busy raising funds to match Joe's efforts and we are also seeking donations for this worthwhile project and any assistance would be gratefully received.

If you can help please contact the office in Dunshane. Thank You.

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