Supporting Each Other

Living and Working

At Dunshane we start the day as a community with a morning gathering outside of Dunshane House. Here we make announcements and sing songs appropriate to the season we're in. Then we divide up into groups and go to our respective workshops.

Supporting and Upholding Each Other

Our workshops are not just places for learning skills, but are also spaces for social interaction and exchange of ideas. In the same manner, our house communities are also abodes for cultivating human relationships that enable us to learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses. By helping each other fulfill a task, we enrich ourselves and empower the other to take responsibility for themselves.

When we bake bread and cook our meals we feed the whole community. When we mould pottery or shape willow into baskets we provide vessels that have practical uses in daily life. When we dip beeswax candles we help to light up our homes and surroundings on many occasions. When we milk the cows and feed the chickens and sheep in our care, we nourish the animals that in turn provide us sustenance.

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