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our oldest resident is 78

Living and working

Camphill Duffcarrig is a community for adults with special needs ranging in age from 21 upwards. At present our oldest resident is 79. There are 25 people with special needs currently living in the community within our 7 households of almost 70 people in total.

It is important that people who join us here in Duffcarrig are flexible as to where they live and work. This is necessary to ensure that the needs of the community are satisfied as well as the wishes of the individual. Everyone shares in the life of the community and carries responsibilities suited to their abilities.

Life Sharing

In Camphill we share our lives - we share our homes, mealtimes, work and socialise together. Many people find that living in a Camphill Community is an intensive experience and feel challenged by the amount of time we spend together. However, this meeting one another intensively is an integral part of living in community - it is through the process of truly meeting one another face to face that we can come to see the true humanity in others and become more truly human ourselves.

Those coming new to community life in Camphill and to Ireland can find that the adjustment to a different way of living together and a new culture asks a lot of them. When a person leaves behind their familiar surroundings and their usual support of family and friends close by it can take a while to adjust to their new situation. Anyone joining a community should expect to feel challenged by the change in circumstances.


The nearest town to Duffcarrig is called Gorey and it is 6km (3½ miles) away. It is possible to get to town by walking (it takes one hour) or bicycle, there is a local bus service and our own vehicles make regular trips there. The nearest large city is Dublin, which is easily accessible by train or bus within 2 hours.

Daily Life

Our days begin around 7am. Each member of a household is expected to contribute as far as possible to the creation of a rhythmical daily life, involving social and practical activities - eating meals together and caring for the health and hygiene of the house and its inhabitants. After our Morning Gathering in the Hall at 9.30am we begin our workshops that run until 12.30pm when we break for lunch. The afternoon workshops run from 2.30pm until 5.00pm. Outside of workshop hours we help with preparing and tidying up after meals, cleaning the house, caring for and socialising with other members of the community. We have a range of social and cultural events, from regular evening activities such as singing, listening to music and dancing, to preparation for special occasions such as birthdays, festivals, plays and concerts. There is also a regular schedule of meetings in different formats that take place to give everyone who lives in the community a voice, to enable the activities of the community to be organised and for the development of individuals (eg. Introduction Course for new co-workers).


We make a special effort to celebrate festivals with appropriate talks, plays, music or other cultural activities and whatever you can contribute artistically, eg. playing a musical instrument, will be greatly appreciated. Festive times such as Christmas and Easter are important celebrations shared by the whole community. Prayers, bible reading, quiet moments for reflection and graces before meals are part of our daily life, as is a weekly non-denominational service. While we hope that everyone will take part in these expressions of spiritual life, no-one is obliged to do so.

Join Us?

If you are interested in joining Camphill Duffcarrig as a person with special needs on either a residential or daytime attendance basis or as volunteer co-worker please contact our Office and we will put you in contact with the person in the community who can help you. Camphill Duffcarrig Office email: or phone: +353 (0)53 9425911.

Contact Duffcarrig

Address  Gorey
Co. Wexford 
Phone  +353 (0) 53 9425911 

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