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Not all of our volunteers are residential and there are a number of opportunities for local volunteers to make a valuable contribution at Camphill Duffcarrig. We welcome volunteers from a number of backgrounds and skill bases. We have a number of volunteering opportunities including landwork, maintenance, work in craft workshops, befriending, and helping to facilitate recreational activities. We are also happy to hear from people with specific skills such as tradespeople, artists, farmers and more.

We welcome volunteer commitments from an hour or two a week to one or two days, and up to five days a week. We also welcome more infrequent volunteers for tasks such as fundraising, website and social media development, for consultation on areas of special expertise, and as members of our local committee.

So why should you become a local volunteer?

Do Something Social

Duffcarrig is a vibrant hub of activity where you will meet people of many different backgrounds and abilities. Most of the volunteering opportunities we offer involve working with people in social settings.

Make a contribution to the lives of our adults and to Duffcarrig It is important for us that our adults have strong local links and friendships and belong to their local community. Your contribution makes a difference to the support we can offer the adults we care about.

Learn New Skills

We offer vulnerable adult and child protection training and epilepsy awareness training to all of our staff and volunteers, and additional training may be provided depending on the needs of your voluntary role. Informal learning also happens in your voluntary placement and you will have more experienced people available to you for questions and guidance.

Volunteer on your Time

Do you have other commitments such as raising children, work or other voluntary commitments? We are happy to work around other commitments such as school holidays and your available hours to find a volunteering opportunity that fits your life.

Get Valuable Work Experience

The opportunity to volunteer offers valuable work experience that can enhance a CV. We are happy to offer references to people who positively engage with our volunteer program.

Did you Know?

You can volunteer while on unemployment benefit or disability. We are happy to engage with social services departments about voluntary opportunities with Duffcarrig.

For further information on volunteering while on unemployment benefit,or while on disability benefit, click here

What We Need From You

When someone expresses an interest in becoming a local volunteer we invite them in to visit the place and to have a conversation to match volunteers with a good placement. We require volunteers who are enthusiastic and willing to take direction. All of our volunteers need to complete gardai vetting as you will be working with vulnerable adults. Don’t worry, we will help you fill out the paperwork.

We are happy to hear from you – contact us today!

There are no vacancies matching this description in DUFFCARRIG community, however there may be similar vacancies in other communities. You can see ALL vacancies on the main camphill website vacancies page

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