We have three houses and some supported flats.


Camphill Community Callan is made up of three houses and some supported flats in the small town of Callan - unlike most communities we are not grouped together, but spread out in the town, which gives us the opportunity to interact with local people and local business.

We are lucky to have some land next to one of our houses, and more land outside the town, so we have quite a bit of garden work, and always fresh and organic food on the plate.

Our community started as a residential support to the KCAT Art and Study Centre, but we have grown into something quite separate. However, many of our residents (those with a disability) are involved with art and theatre. Some of our volunteers who stay for a second year are also involved with KCAT.

Our community has a mix of different situations. One house is set in a quiet place with the garden around it and is being renovated to provide a variety of support situations to those who need a bit of distance from street life. The other houses and the flats are close together either side of a small street. The residents here are quite capable, but strongly individual with complex needs - their support can be as challenging in a different way, and needs a degree of maturity.

Unlike many communities, we do not provide all our own work possibilities. We share the work on the land and in the houses (cooking, cleaning, laundry) and we support our residents to make their contribution to this work. However our life can also involve interaction with other communities and organisations on a daily basis.

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