Volunteers will join a house community supporting adults with a variety of needs. Some of those we support have high needs, including physical/intimate care and constant supervision. Others live in their own accommodation and need friends visiting regularly to support them as they manage their own lives. Our life is challenging for all, and very rewarding for those who engage and participate fully, especially if you bring energy, initiative and humour!

 We share the work on the land and in the houses (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc) and we support our residents to make their contribution to this work. Volunteers will be asked to join wherever the need is at the time and with whoever you make a good connection to. However, our life can also involve interaction with other communities and organisations on a daily basis.

 Volunteers go along to support some of our many residents who work or study in a different place.

We provide food, lodging, internet access, pocket money and holiday money. 

Access our stories to know more about other volunteers’ experience!

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