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We are recruiting new Board Members

Vacancies for Council Members (Directors) of Camphill Communities of Ireland 

Camphill Communities of Ireland, a charity working with people with disabilities, is currently recruiting new directors to join its board. We are looking for people with relevant experience especially in Strategy, Change Management, Finance, Law, HR and Non-Profit Management.

The organisation, which is overseeing 17 communities that include people with disabilities and other needs, has a strong volunteer ethos and is currently going through a time of change. We are looking for individuals that have an interest in this unique model of supporting people with special needs and autism and help the organisation charter its way through challenges in a time of increasing regulation and compliance requirements.

We invite declarations of interest from any interested party, including from family members or volunteer coworkers with the right skill sets. This is a voluntary role although reasonable expenses may be met.

Camphill is a unique organisation and anyone who becomes involved and witnesses how the lives of people are being enriched, will find their efforts rewarded. (This role will be subject to Garda Vetting and the organisation will provide training and induction to new directors). 

 About Camphill

Camphill Communities of Ireland is a registered charity, that is part of an international movement supporting people with intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health issues and other special needs. Residents share their home, spiritual and working lives with those who are motivated to meet them as individuals out of a recognition of their humanity, and not as carer and patient in the conventional sense.

At the core of each community is the recognition of the dignity of people with disabilities.The Camphill philosophy is that no matter what an individual's disability may appear to be, the spirit - the essential core that makes us all human - always remains whole. Everyone deserves equal respect and opportunities in life, so that all may be able to fulfil their potential. Each person contributes what they can towards the well-being of the other according to their ability. Many people providing support to those with disabilities are volunteers from the locality and from abroad, and some live in the community sharing their lives as a family.

Pioneered by war refugees in Scotland almost 70 years ago Camphill today has over 100 communities in 20 countries. In the Republic of Ireland, 17 communities of varying sizes and settings are home to around 500 people, as well as a number of day attendees.

Recruitment Process and Application Form 

Please find more information about the recruitment process and the expectations for a boardmember of a charity You can load down the Application form here


Closing Date for declarations of interest will be the 6th of August 2017


Please direct any enquiries to 

The National Governance Coordinator
National Office of Camphill Communities of Ireland
Dunshane Camphill Community
Brannockstown, Near Naas
Co. Kildare

Tel: 045 483 735


View a map of all the Camphill Communities in Ireland

Map of all the Camphill Communities in Ireland

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