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Welcome to the Camphill Thomastown website
(The Watergarden)

The Watergarden is a non-residential initiative for adults with special needs. It includes a coffeeshop, garden centre, formal water garden, art gallery and pottery. These different areas provide many diverse employment challenges and opportunities.

The beautiful garden offers a therapeutic backdrop to the workplace of The Watergarden and gives everyone an experience of the changing seasons.The principal impulses of The Watergarden are to create meaningful work for adults with special needs and to bring the Camphill ethos into the wider community

Also in the town we provide different levels of support to some of those working in The Watergarden to enable them to live more independently. This allows some people to move out of home to live independently or semi-independently for the first time. To achieve this aim, the community is expanding the number of long-term co-workers and is renting additional property in the Grennan area of Thomastown, within easy walking distance of The Watergarden (see photos). In time, it is hoped to provide purpose-built accommodation for this project.
 The WatergardenFor many locals this is their favourite coffeeshop

Some of The Watergarden CrewSome of The Watergarden Crew