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Launch of Guide to the Camphill Community Trust

The 'Guide to the Camphill Community Trust (Republic of Ireland)' was launched recently and full details are now on this website

The obect of the Trust is

  1. To make provision for the support of persons who are, or have been members of, or substantially associated with, the Camphill movement in its various organisations in the Republic of Ireland and who have become through sickness, infirmity, old age, poverty or other necessitous circumstance, in need of financial support, care, nursing, accommodation and/or anthroposophical, medical or other treatment and to make donations, loans and other financial help available to such persons.
  2. To make provision for the support of such persons to enable them to participate in the benefit of support, care nursing, accommodation and medical and other treatment provided by any similar social fund, or sickness or pension scheme administered by any other trust, home, school, community, centre, colony, incorporation, company, society, association, institution or other body whether incorporated or not and whether having anthroposophical or other similar interests or otherwise.
  3. To make provision for the support of the dependants of such persons in comparable manner.

The Trust has been accepting applications since January of this year and is happy to consider applications for support from communities on behalf of individuals who are eligible in accordance with the above.

We are currently working with the other similar Camphill Trusts in this region to co-ordinate our responses to requests for support that involve more than one Trust.

For further information or a copy of the Guide please contact the secretary of the Trust:

Pearse O Shiel
Camphill Community Trust


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